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 Cads Mastery Pin Positions: From Treasurer added links in also

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PostSubject: Cads Mastery Pin Positions: From Treasurer added links in also   Sun Mar 28, 2010 4:52 pm

Hole 1
433.5 yds Front Middle
431.6 yds Front Middle
440.3 yds Left Rear
438.6 yds Middle

Hole 2
(You can see all the pins by panning the camera angle down)

Hole 3
537.3 yds Front
540.9 yds Front
566.3 yds Back
573.8 yds Back

Hole 4
368.8 yds Front Right
382.5 yds Middle
391.9 yds Far Right
395.6 yds Far Left

Hole 5
200.6 yds Front Middle
209.8 yds Front Right
223.6 yds Back Right
226.2 yds Back Left

Hole 6
450.7 yds Front
455.6 yds Far left
458.9 yds Back Middle
467.6 yds Back Right
475.9 yds Back Right

Hole 7
480.2 yds Front Left
482.4 yds Front Right
490.6 yds Back Left

Hole 8
298.6 yds Front Left
303.7 yds Front Left
308.0 yds Front Middle
320.6 yds Back Left
322.6 yds Back Left

Hole 9
383.6 yds Front Left
395.4 yds Front Right (Under 2nd tree)
399.9 yds Middle
402.6 yds Back Left Middle
413.6 yds Far Back

Hole 10
100.5 yds Front Right
108.4 yds Front Left
115.0 yds Back

Hole 11
483.0 yds Front Middle
493.8 yds Front Right
496.2 yds Middle
503.1 yds Back Left
508.3 yds Back Right (middle-ish)

Hole 12
451.2 yds Front Right
456.9 yds Front Left
462.5 yds Left Middle
481.7 yds Middle
512.0 yds Back Middle

Hole 13
378.4 yds Front Middle
383.7 yds Front Right
385.6 yds Middle
393.2 yds Back Left
396.2 yds Back Right

Hole 14
322.8 yds Left Middle
326.4 yds Front Right
329.6 yds Middle
335.2 yds Back Left
337.6 yds Back Right

Hole 15
522.9 yds Front Left Middle
535.2 yds Just short of Middle
542.5 yds Left Middle
551.2 yds Back Middle
559.3 yds Back Middle

Hole 16
(crappy green)
Pull up your putter on the tee to find the pin location.

Hole 17
434.7 yds Front Left
434.7 yds Right Middle (Same distance)
(Pins are easy to see when you zoom out)

Hole 18
513.0 yds Front
515.2 yds Front
520.0 yds Back
(Be careful of the overhead wire above the green)


On par 3's....pull up your putter on the tee and the pin location will be painted for you. Then switch to whatever club you want and judge from there.

If you are in a spot where you can't find the pin....try this:
Use the "s" and "w" keys on your keyboard to zoom in and out. You can zoom out quite a bit with a few presses of the "s" key.

Also don't forget you can tilt the camera angle by using your mouse and holding down the right click. (This comes in handy on hole 2 and those nasty drop shots you will make where you can't see the pin.)


Enjoy yourselves and have fun. For you beginners to Mastery Mode...The front nine is the bear. The back nine is where you can really make up some nice exp.

Don't quit the game.

Gold Members get an extra bonus on Gold channel. Round up gold members on Advanced One and relocate to gold for the game.

Be prepared for a 2.5 to 3 hr game with 4 players.

Play with a full room if at all possible for max exp.

Non-Gold members costs 5m to play a round of mastery. Gold members get discounted rate of 500k. So buy a gold membership.

Use your Mageia. The reason for mastery is the huge EXP.

Don't sweat the bad holes...We all have them. Concentrate on getting pars on the difficult holes and birds on the easy ones. The eagles will come.

Play with a Tour Pro in the room for an extra EXP bonus if one is available.

From neeway

I took previous pin position posts, put em on excel for quick reference, and have been updating as I go. Have a copy if you like.
Our own guide

From Lynda ... T_Og&hl=en

My Shot-Online Cadeiger and Gleiger Guide

use the map images like you want , i will update the position if you help me with picturs , makes screenshot of your minimap when putt, so i have the colored point on minimap and write with it the position if told .


From: missisippi

klick here to got to Gleiger+Cadeiger guide

update :switched gleiger hole 1 with gleiger hole 5 at atabase

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Cads Mastery Pin Positions: From Treasurer added links in also
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