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 Graduation lvl requirement and tasks

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PostSubject: Graduation lvl requirement and tasks   Mon Apr 26, 2010 12:12 am

Shot Online's Graduation System - Only for level 100 with Tour Pro title.

1. Procedure of graduation system
a) Qualifications for graduation:
- Level 100
- Tour Pro title
b) Graduation test
- Qualification test (4 courses with a specific score you must achieve)
- Graduates selection test (Playing against an NPC on a selected course)

2. Graduation tests
a) Graduation qualification test with NPC Anthony Bestra
- 10,000,000 NG fee per course
- 4 designated courses
- Rufus Arena (Score -14 or better)
- Abel Plena (Score -15 or better)
- Cadeiger (Score -14 or better)
- Gleiger (Score -5 or better)
- Score better and you will get to move on to the next test with NPC Harold

b) Graduates selection test with new NPC, Harold
- Only for players who has passed the first test
- 20,000,000 NG fee per try
- 2 tries only
- 60 second time limit per shot
- Course: to be determined
- Tie or a better score than Harold and you will pass the graduates selection test

3. Graduation!
a) If you have passed both tests, your name will be announced at Harold
b) Once your name is on the list, you can talk to Anthony Bestra to confirm your graduation
c) You have now graduated

4. Benefits of being a Graduate
a) Graduation Memorial Clothes
Valhalla Professional Hair
+1 Skill & +1 Stamina
Valhalla Professional Jacket
+1 Power & +1 Impact
Valhalla Professional Pants
+1 Skill & +1 Impact

Only graduates can wear and non-tradeable

b) New title
- After you pass both tests and graduate, you will become level 101 with the title: Senior
- Once you reach level 102, your title will automatically be changed to: Master Pro

c) Graduate classmates
- When 30 graduates have passed the tests, those 30 players will be put into a group automatically. This group will now show up on your friends list under Graduate Classmates. A new chatting tab will only send messages to your 29 graduate classmates.
Graduates 1 to 30
Class 1
Graduates 31 to 60
Class 2
Graduates 61 to 90
Class 3

d) Additional EXP
If beginner or amateur players with graduates: 60% more EXP
If semi pro players play with graduates: 30% more EXP
If tour pro players play with graduates: 10% more EXP

e) Graduate Rankings
This will show the top graduates. Displaying rank, server, name, record, graduate class, and level.

f) Future contents for graduates only
- Graduate only course
- Graduate only tournaments
- Graduate class tournaments

5) Master and disciple relationship
a) Master Pro over level 102 can take a player under his guidance as his disciple. The disciple must be between level 1 to level 30

b) If the disciple gets to level 21, a Magic Cube will be given to the Master.

c) If the disciple gets to level 41, a Solar cube will be given to the Master.

d) If the disciple players with his Master, the disciple will receive 20% more EXP
If a beginner plays with his master, he will receive 80% more EXP (60% from playing with a graduate and 20% from playing with the disciple's master)

e) Whenever the disciple levels up by increments 5 levels, the disciple will receive a Thor Power Drink A (10 shots/+6 power for next shot/Non-trade-able)

f) If the Master has over 10 disciples over level 41, the Master will receive a Odelia (+4 all stats/Unlimited durability/Non-trade able)

g) New window box for Masters and Disciples added to the friends list
- Send messages to your disciple or master


We will continue testing and hope to bring out the new system ASAP.


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PostSubject: Re: Graduation lvl requirement and tasks   Tue May 04, 2010 7:50 am

wow....lots of stuff there, seems raising 5 kids at home is easier....ok, maybe not
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Graduation lvl requirement and tasks
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