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 To chart or not to chart from JL

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PostSubject: To chart or not to chart from JL   Thu May 06, 2010 3:36 pm

That having been said, I’m trying to help those that use the circle to aim their shots better and get lower scores. A few important things of note:

-- Aiming circle shows where your shot will land under perfect conditions ONLY (30degrees, no wind, fairway/tee, level.
-- The following affects the location of the aiming circle: Club selection, Spin, landing location (height)
-- Everything else that affects the shot but not the circle: Weather, temperature, wind, lie, landing slope, angle of approach, fatigue, (and the obvious stuff like hitting 100% and Zero)

Now that I have the obvious stuff out of the way, these are the core principals I use to help me aim a shot:

Clouds = -6%
Rain = -11%
Wind 1.0 = 3.5%
21 deg. temp = -1.5%

So, I have a shot with the following conditions (perfect lie and landing locations)

Rain, Wind directly behind me at 5.0, 21 deg. (-11% +17.5% -1.5% = +5% total) so I put the circle where I want the ball to drop and I hit the shot at 95%

Clouds, wind directly in my face 3.5, Temp 26 ( -6% -12.25% -.5% = -18.75% ) This is when it gets tricky, obviously you can’t swing 118% ( I never recommend more than 105%). So now you have to do the club shuffle, it helps a lot to know what your club ranges are to have a feel quickly for what clubs to switch to for conditions. Even a basic 100% swing chart of your clubs is helpful here. In this case my 9I is the club I wanted and has a range of 115 yards (115 * 118.75% = 136.56 yards of force to drive it 115) But my 8I has a nominal 132 yd so I switch to that and swing 102%.

Keep in mind these calculations do not take into account the effects of Green bounce or the affects wind will have on the spin of the ball.

Get into the habit of looking at the wind and weather and rapidly getting the percentage adjustment and you will be making good shots faster.

Wait! All I was talking about was Obvious wind adjustment, now the tricky stuff, Wind Correction, well the easy one first.. Side wind. When wind is blowing side to side directly across you really have it easy. If I have a 3.5 cross breeze I click 4 times into the wind and back off just a tad, when you have a cross wind MORE than 4.5 I start adding extra clicks and hit about 2% harder, this will all become automatic over time for you. Now the (not so) fun part, wind runs off standard 16 points compass positions. The direct N/S and E/W we have covered, now on to the rest. NE, SE, SW, NW are easy, take the wind and cut it in half, apply that number to both your distance and correction, a 4.0 SE wind is 2 clicks left and –7% to the distance, SSW 4.0 would be 1 click right and -10.5% distance correction

Again, all this is based on perfect level lie on fairway/tee , landing on level fairway

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To chart or not to chart from JL
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