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 Wind effects, Adjustments and temperature

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PostSubject: Wind effects, Adjustments and temperature   Thu May 06, 2010 3:47 pm

Wind effects, Adjustments and temperature

Temperature effect on ball travel. Blue for 21 degrees, Yellow for 25-26 degrees, Red for 30 degrees.

The inner ring of the circles is about 10 yards. The size of this ring is constant and will not change ever, no matter what your attributes are.

There are other things that affect distance, such as stamina stat, miss-hits, the game's recognition of 100% shots, and a few tee boxes that aren't flat.

I find this method works well for shots inside 250 yards.

The size of the green grid when viewed from the tee box or fairway is about 28 yards deep, or about 2.5 yards for each square. The grid starts about 15.5 yards before the pin and ends about 12.5 yards past the pin. Use these reference points to zero in on your target.

Wind speed multiplier diagram:

This graphic is sort of a shortcut to figuring how much % the various directions will affect your shot. These are the percents I use for a 6 iron.


2.0 wind from the south would be 3.5 x 2.0 = 7.0%

If there were a 2.0 wind from the southwest would be approximately 4.2%

In the first image the distance to the hole is193.8 yards. Using the multiplier with a 2.0 tailwind you would take the distance and multiply it by 1.07. (7%)

193.8x1.07= 207.366

Then take the 207.366 and subtract 193.8 and you get 13.566. That is 13.566 yards of extra distance due to the tailwind. To get it close to the hole you would take off 13.566 yards for about a 180.4 yard shot.

The graphic below is for crosswind adjustments. Lets say you're going to use driver and there is a crosswind of 2.4 m/s. Driver is 1 click(arrow) per 1.2 m/s. 1.2 goes into 2.4 twice, so two arrow clicks to compensate for the crosswind.

Don't forget to account for roll and the ball's momentum moving sideways because of the crosswind.

If hitting short shots, fractional shots or to an elevated area you would need to adjust slightly LESS, because the ball will not be in the air as long.

If hitting to an area that is at a lower elevation, ADD a little to the adjustment since the ball will be in the air longer.

Here is a random tip that might help you hole a few more without using the putter. Even with no wind and a flat lie, using woods and irons will make the ball fade (drift right, or draw if you use Zygmunt) slightly. Try aiming a yard or two left of your target and watch the hole in ones start piling up.

from evergreen golfers

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Wind effects, Adjustments and temperature
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