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 Lies and angles

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PostSubject: Lies and angles   Thu May 06, 2010 3:52 pm

A side hill shot

Little side hill lie here.


Move the camera to a lower view and scroll up to zoom in. Use the edge of the screen to make sure you keep the camera from panning a little. This works well with full screen but won't help much in windowed, since your cursor will move onto the desktop.

When on a flat lie with Erda the tip of her hat will touch the pin, so to compensate for the uneven lie, just move so her hat is again touching the pin. Notice I've got the putter equipped for alignment. This method will not work with all putters.

You can even do this trick if the pin is not visible by using the green grid (ALT+G) and line up with the middle of that instead. It will work from any distance.


Here to gauge my slope I pull out an iron, then rotate the camera to line up perpendicular then zoom in so my back foot is at about 25% on the swing bar and my front foot is barely visible under the swing bar. The lines indicate 2.5, 5, 10, & 15% slopes, just depends on how much of the back foot is showing. This is a 20% upslope here from 26.6 yards so I'll add about 5 yards to the shot.

Video Example

This video shows a 38 yard bunker shot with an uneven side hill lie as well as about a 10% down slope. The shot plays about 34 yards after deducting the down slope.